Android is better than IOS.It is not a statement because it is not completely true.Android or Google does some or should I say many things better than IOS or Apple and this post will be on those features.I have already highlighted why IOS is better than Android in a previous post which you can read here.

To be very honest this is a controversial topic and also the most arguable one.For many years this has been a fight between the two sets of customers and it will continue for long I feel.There are things which Apple does better and there are things which Android does far better.

This post will be on what Google or Android does better than Apple’s IOS.But rest assured the gap is being reduced and from both ends.

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The first thing that any Android lover will say is that Android has better customisation than IOS which is absolutely true.Google allows you to customise almost everything from colour of your display to app icons, their sizes and a lot more.Widgets are a feature which Apple customers will experience with the upcoming IOS 14 for the first time.Can you believe it?It was with Android for ages now.

Customisation in Android is not limited to just icons or wallpapers.You can even have a Always on Display where you can manipulate the lock screen as well.Apple customers can only dream of it.In fact you actually can get a complete desktop experience from a Google Android phone.Even your fonts can be of your choice.

A Google Pixel phone gives you stock Android experience while a Samsung phone has its UI on top of the Android version.Since you can root any Android phone with the help of 3rd party applications you can actually change the launcher to your liking.Yes you can get a stock Android experience on a Samsung or a Xiaomi phone if you wish.Such things are not possible with Apple and even if a part is possible that is too tough a job.


You may think that this heading is the usual feature of Apple.Yes Apple or IOS devices have this property of being very easily interconnected which leads to the difficulty of many Apple users to get out of the ecosystem.But that has an inherent disadvantage as well.The Apple ecosystem is valid only for Apple devices and truly it is the best out there but it lacks in a way that it is not applicable for other devices.

For example you cannot connect an Apple phone to a say Lenovo laptop easily.Even if you connect you cannot transfer every data.The main problem of the Apple ecosystem is its limitations.To get full advantage you have to connect say the Apple 11 to a MacBook for the best experience.With Android you have options.Any Windows laptop or desktop say fro Lenovo or HP or Dell is compatible with any Android phone.

Now you can say that Airdrop by which you can easily transfer any data from an Apple phone to a MacBook is not present in Android phones but Google allows you to transfer by a lot of options.Hotspot, sharing by any app and the easiest one by any pendrive or USB cable.You can connect an Android device to your laptop by a simple cable and transfer anything.You can directly connect a pendrive to a phone which Apple users cannot even think of till now.


With IOS you have only one phone to go to and that is Apple.With Google Android you have multiple options.Samsung, OnePlus,MI etc all are available..More importantly you have the choice of budget.

Apple phones have been historically high priced and unaffordable to maximum users.The recent iPhone SE 2020 is the most affordable iPhone till date and that too is hugh priced for many.With Android you can select a budget.It has phones as high priced as Apple and phones which are priced at a bare minimum.This is why their customer base is also so vivid.

If you have to explain in a single sentence then I should say that you have an Android phone for every tier of customers.


Android has taken battery and charging to a completely new level.Big batteries of even 6000mAH and fast charging capability of 65W(Oppo) is possible whereas Apple has max 18W fast charging.Yes you may say that battery management has a role in this section but however good you manage bigger size is obviously better.You can fully charge a phone with a huge battery under an hour whereas in Apple min two hours is the best.

In relation to the above topic another feature is the support of USB Type C in all Android devices which is also supported in the desktops or laptops.Apple I don’t know why is still stuck with their charging cable which supports only their phones.This is true for the headphones as well though Apple has discarded wired headphone jack.


This may seem unimportant to many of you but still it is an advantage.With Android phones you have options of fingerprint sensor,faceunlock, pattern or password as your unlock methods whereas recent Apple phones only have the face Unlock system and no fingerprint scanner.


This is the icing on the cake.Google Assistant, though born after Apple’s Siri as the smart Voice Assistant of your phone, is better.It can do searches better,it can store memory better,it can open third party apps better and all this it can do most probably in your own native language.Siri is upgrading and languages are being added but it has a long way to go.

For an example if you all of a sudden say to Google Assistant where you have kept your keys and forgotten all about it Google Assistant remembers it and can help you in finding it.AI at its best.

Now you can download Google Assistant in an iPhone.


Multi Tasking is possible in both Google and Apple devices but with a basic difference.Split screen being that difference.In any Android device nowadays you can open two compatible apps in two windows and work on them simultaneously.Multitasking in IOS is restricted in swiping back and forth between the apps you are using.

Even the window in window option where you can watch a you tube video while working on some other app will be possible from IOS 14 onwards and it was present in Google from times I don’t even remember.


Google Play Store and Apple App Store are both good no doubt.But you get more third party options in Play Store.Moreover if an app is not present in Play Store you can download it from any browser whereas if an app is not present in Apple App Store you cannot download it.


Android phones offer Amoled displays in many mid-range smartphones whereas iPhones offer it in only the highest end ones even now.Their LCD displays are good but OLED displays are inherently better.In addition nowadays they come with high refresh rates as well increasing the user experience.


By no means I can vouch that either of the two is the best.Both Apple and Android have their advantages and most of the time it is upon the user to decide.In terms of processor the A series chipset of IOS is the best but Qualcomm Snapdragon is catching up.

To be very honest customisation of Android makes it the better fan favourite.Again with new upgrades and updates IOS is catching up although it has a long way to go.Widgets and window in window option is going to be available from IOS14.

With all said what do you think? Please let me know in comments section and also mention if you have anything more to add to the points I mentioned.

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